Like many Americans during this election cycle, I have had my share of jaw dropping, eye popping, head shaking […]
Sometimes it’s important to state the obvious: The current Republican nominee for President didn’t invent or create […]
My wife and I had the opportunity recently to be on a guided tour through a rain forest […]
Life does imitate art sometimes and, as such, there are real instances of not being able to know which […]
“To be aware is to be willing to suffer.” (I’ve seen this sentence attributed to the Greek […]
Whenever I’ve asked someone, “What do you believe in?”, I’ve almost always received an answer that runs along […]
You can encounter clever people anywhere, in any profession, sometimes every day. There are hours of and hours […]
Some believe that we are born spiritually awake and aware, and that the experience of being human […]
Survivalists have a 100% failure rate. As such, the term itself, ‘survivalist’, is completely misleading. The very […]
As a comedian once noted, “You can’t ever get enough of the stuff you don’t really want […]