The podcast that was postponed from last Saturday has been rescheduled for this upcoming Saturday, July 4, […]
There are countries that are currently and seriously considering establishing an economic system that provides a base income for […]
The speaker himself kept referring to how his life (and ours too) was far more fluid than […]
Rather a catchy phrase, don’t you think?…”The Cutting Edge”. I’d rank it right up there with “The Tip […]
There’s something about this experience called life that makes taking ourselves too seriously impossible. We smile as a […]
There’s a ‘honeymoon’ period in every serious relationship, whether there’s been a ceremony or not, that isn’t […]
Meteorologists (weather forecasters) have long been joked about and even teased that theirs is a profession that allows […]
Day after day, as I randomly and repeatedly continued to alter small personal habits, two benefits emerged. The first was intentional: […]
The thread of these most recent blogs began a little over a week ago with ‘Our History with Change’. […]
Take a moment with me now and let’s do some imagining. I want you to imagine doing […]