The remains the body belonged to… We are all simply visitors. We are all passing through from arrivalto departure. We […]
The roads we travelare mostly electronic these days. The reality of biology has constrained us again, and there are some […]
There are truths that exist outside of time. Hence, we refer to them as timeless. We, however, exist – live […]
Language is a human-level tool It’s as crude as it can be miraculous  seriously a single word –  sound –  […]
As we rake this next shared breath together each as best we can each as we need it enough for […]
As I gently and genuinely seek your truth,you, as gently and genuinely,are showing me mine. I did not expect that. […]
I cannot capture spirit. This is true. (What would be the  point of pinning a butterfly.) Spirit either is meor […]
The flipping ofand filling ofthese pages is an actin the direction of love. I hardly am awareof what I’m attemptingto […]
You know, All I honestly state is that my path is a path…to suggest that I feel, think or wishthat […]
I am a participant in the cycles and circles of all sorts…of life and forms and ecosystems…and more. I have no […]