The rain forest tour guide had yet to travel outside the region of Central American. I knew this because, […]
“To be aware is to be willing to suffer.” (I’ve seen this sentence attributed to the Greek […]
The 2016 Olympics were winding down. It was time for me to fact check a story I […]
As a comedian once noted, “You can’t ever get enough of the stuff you don’t really want […]
Here’s the link to today’s podcast. Thanks everyone.
That’s the metaphor we often hear to describe the transmission of a vision or an inspiration or […]
“We were not born critical of existing society. There was a moment in our lives (or a […]
The Darwinian approach to business, politics and life is encapsulated in the often heard phrase: “Survival of the […]
I’ve come across the number, Seven Trillion, in several unrelated areas recently. It’s been used to guestimate the […]
Screened sieves or pans with small holes in their bottoms are still used to this day by […]