Survivalists have a 100% failure rate. As such, the term itself, ‘survivalist’, is completely misleading. The very best that they […]
I made mention in a recent blog (“Mottos”) that I sensed that, as Americans, our trust in our systems, politics and […]
That’s the metaphor we often hear to describe the transmission of a vision or an inspiration or a philosophy (or […]
“We were not born critical of existing society. There was a moment in our lives (or a month, or a […]
The Darwinian approach to business, politics and life is encapsulated in the often heard phrase: “Survival of the fittest”. I don’t fault […]
I’ve come across the number, Seven Trillion, in several unrelated areas recently. It’s been used to guestimate the number of stars […]
I read a book which had as its premise that the game of golf was much more than a game, […]
I’ve had many conversations over the years (some quite recently, hence this blog) with parents whose major concern in life […]
I went to small social mingling. It was a low key, artsy sort of thing. Casual chilling in a large […]
Without going into great detail, I’d like to begin with a reminder: For a very long time, the earth was considered to […]