Poor Albert Einstein. At the ripe old age of 26, he published several theories that redirected the field of physics and set it […]
Historians generally agree that one of the chief complaints the fledgling revolutionaries in the Colonies called America had against the British was centered […]
Somewhere between absolutely right and completely wrong is where we meet the reality of ourselves every day. It’s where we experience […]
It’s no secret nor that unusual that many of us have a voice (or several) chattering constantly inside our heads. […]
There’s something about this experience called life that makes taking ourselves too seriously impossible. We smile as a reflex response. It’s […]
When we last left our couple, they were coming up on their three year anniversary. They had ‘settled in’ to […]
There’s a ‘honeymoon’ period in every serious relationship, whether there’s been a ceremony or not, that isn’t about going away […]
Shy woman meets nice but insecure man. Youngish, they are, very early twenties. Society’s new adults. His uncertainties and her […]
Meteorologists (weather forecasters) have long been joked about and even teased that theirs is a profession that allows them to remain […]
I’ll repeat the question, because it’s not rhetorical: What did you Expect? This question has always put me on the […]