Example 1: One morning a person looking to be in a relationship decides to use an online dating service. After completing their questionnaire and creating their online profile, […]
Physics in general and gravity in specific have been getting a lot of ink recently. It’s nice to consider that one hundred years isn’t too long to wait for a little verifying data. For reasons […]
Day after day, as I randomly and repeatedly continued to alter small personal habits, two benefits emerged. The first was intentional: I did, in fact, make friends with change and […]
The thread of these most recent blogs began a little over a week ago with ‘Our History with Change’. As you realize, it wasn’t so much a complete […]
Take a moment with me now and let’s do some imagining. I want you to imagine doing any or all of these things every day […]
Habits are hard to change. There are forces at work that encourage us to form them and there are payoffs in place that reinforce their […]
Many of us are familiar with the phrase ‘creature of habit’. I suspect the phrase originated from the hunting branches of our ancestral tree as they studied and […]
“That’s not how we do things around here.” These words, and the attitude they reflect, are familiar to anyone who has suggested an alternative. Whether […]
I’ve been receiving many kind comments and thanks for Owning Ourselves, the book I’ve written which describes a practical path to personal awakening. I am […]
I’m somewhat confident that you, dear reader, with a computer and access to the internet, are familiar with camera videos recorded live from non-intrusive attached devices. “GoPro” might ring a bell. […]