There’s an outside chance you thought I might have left off a ‘t’ from the but in the title word and you might have wondered if I […]
Quite some time ago I read an article about a South American rain forest tribe. Without going into great detail about the article, one of […]
“Carpe Diem”, the Latin phrase popularized (in part) in the movie Dead Poet’s Society, is most often translated as “seize the day”. A more literal […]
Many of us have the notion that we need to go to a mountaintop (Tibet, anyone?) in order to ‘find’ ourselves. We tell ourselves that […]
At an earlier stage in my life it was pointed out to me that I was fixated on everything that was wrong in the world. The […]
Self Reliance is a peculiar and popular American myth. The ‘self-made’ person is woven into the fabric of the American Dream….I’m sure you know the […]
Many of us have a self-centered attitude towards change. We think it’s all about doing it ourselves. You remember some of the old clichés? “Lift […]
     Hey there. First time here for both of us. I hope I’ll be able to be both helpful and enjoyable.      Owning ourselves is not […]