Forgive me.
There’s simply no other way to begin a piece entitled as this one without these next two words:
Holy Fuck.

Just pause for a moment and consider if those two words didn’t make your soul/spirit smile, then you might be holding onto some old feelings or beliefs way too tightly.

OK, so here goes…

The enduring universality of energy in all of its unlimited forms, is the current scientific foundation; “truth,” that energy (matter is simply a temporary configuration of this energy) that energy itself can neither be created nor destroyed. It is simply transformed… repurposed… recycled… at speeds and scales (both vast and teeny tiny) that we can neither understand, control or precisely predict. Energy IS. Energy always was and will always be what it IS. Energy is everywhere all the time. In fact, it is everywhere and nowhere at the SAME TIME. In fact, time & place do NOT exist for energy. Time & space are how we humans have chosen to “interact” with that energy, in a manifested arrangement of energy into a form we ourselves called “human.”

We are as “real” as any other arrangement of energy “into” matter. We are not, however, “special.” For some purpose along our developmental arch, we felt the “need” to feel; “special.” It has caused us much suffering, this human-centric approach to our interactions with other life forms and our planet (Gaia) in general. That’s another subject, though.

This subject, God’s bedroom, refers to the always present energy that is specifically manifested in the billions/millions of species we share this planet of existence with.

A blue-marbled speck on the carpet of the Milky Way. The place looks peaceful from 250,000K away. The closer we get, the more we can see the teeming complexity of interwoven ecosystems that comprise the web of life. Taken in total, the planet is a writhing mass of DNA variations (99.8% of all DNA is shared in common. .02% equals 100% of the differences between species) * triple confirm these numbers.

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