It’s dawning on us all

that our very consciousness, 

singularly and, mysteriously, collectively…

all of those very things that we are consciously aware of, well…

that consciousness changes as we focus our attention/energies towards it.

This awareness has stared at us in the face since consciousness emerged.

We’re an evolving-developing-changing camera (perspective maker, opinion taker), with multiple interchangeable lenses and filters, and we’ve been trying to keep the world in some sort of focus…while the world changes constantly…and my skills as a trigger bug (I mean, shutter bug) keep changing through the experiences of focusing…all while I’m continuing my changing(learning) in a very changing world with other equally changing spirits/humans.

This is not a picture we can see clearly with our minds…our thinking. We’re all in a swirl of choices…a fog or mist of sorts…and we are as terrified as we are mistified.

Our awareness(es) are emergent and emerging phenomena-phenomenon in the universe, which is, for each of us slightly different/altered/shaped by our choices…which become the realm of our experiences. We cannot ‘think’ back along the path of the exact, precise choices that have brought us to this moment right here…typing and reading this…it’s impossible to know with any certainty…

What we can ‘look’ for are pattern ‘recognition’ moments…’look’ as in ‘feel’ for…

Are our processes and energies that are beyond mere understanding(s). We feel dwarfed and adequate.

In that moment of that feeling, there is a forget. We forget the truth that:       

love is fair

or it is not truly love. 

Love can not present us with an impossibility.

That would not be love.

We have heard this before:     With love, all things are possible.

This is also a truth.

To which I would like to make one small add on…like going off menu …and asking for a new combination of ingredients, which you see are all available in other combinations elsewhere…so you know they’re in house). Here goes:

       With, in, and through love, all things are possible…and probably already are.

It will, love will, frequently present us with challenges and choices

These will frequently be a blend of the excruciatingly and exquisitely inexplicable 


That love is truly

What our lives and life has always been

All and, ultimately, all about.

That’s what we all yearn for.

It’s more than hobby.

It’s a calling…

And a choice…

To answer or not or sometimes or never or always or…another one…or just one…

If you choose love…you’ll feel better each and every time you do…sometimes it’s immediately and sometimes eventually and, always, unavoidably.

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