The social decency norms, ya know, the flame-retard-meants intended to moderate a person’s impulses that are impossible to legally “get in front of” … to be able to prevent through legislation, have fundamentally failed to restrain with decorum and civility the rising clamor of the crimson red fantasticalls for even more impeachables (oh, so now impeachment is a ‘trending’ fad? impeach? in vogue?)

AND this recourse is to be wielded against any and alls that dare to ask for proof… from ANY of you alls… the red-faced and truly tie-dyed… making all those far screeching counter-dick-tory stories UP… from ALL CAPS AND IN ALL CAPPZ just out of nowhere, saying nothing clear, except to you with those finely trained and attuned fears…who only hear what they want to hear… selectively—electively—directedly and hopelessly reaching for anything… just one piece of tape pieced together to form some 1 thing… cobbled
out of not one thing really, yet dreaming of the ‘proof positive’ being close… to the one tangible recording of the voices linking Jr. to the big Joe… (1 tape of the joe and they’ll be good to go?!—funny how that can be) so dishonestly… missed the leading US towards the truth…

YET, we have the countless tapes from the he, smallish “t”, now (who shall not be named by them, they or any of you brave soulless shoes shiners, directly), AND—that you will not truly even listen to what words are being used in broad (no NDAs required for this type of broad, btw).

So, now—in full frontal daylight too glaringly Reich—they neither see, hear or speak seeking the truth, only protecting the lying in wait for vengeance on all of them theys who doth resist.

They will not even read the transcripts accurately without editing each new admission out, much less begin to disbelieve the original big lie: The thief-in-chief calling everyone a thief. And turning all who follow the lie into the likewise approach to ‘alternative facts’ (oh, let’s roast US some Kelly anns).

Next big LIE: That’s when the lil t half persees the recording devises, and, play acts all shocked like and says something mumbling and silly like: We are NOT supposed to BE live—oops—And comically, “lil t” briefly brushes this casually aside, and, on tape, says the whispering surprised lil t: Are we on michrophones? (I do love the sound of my own running mouth’s babbling, while evidently brooking no consciousnesses of the others I’m streaming over.)”

Meanwhile, back in reality, the piles of the transcripts that we see from his people…who did so witness…and have now sworn to bare all)—Well, they are all not to be believed by the true belivers (they have a drink issuetoo) NOT that lil t drinks, mind you—have you ever seen him hold a cup? However, that would explain so much though, Reich now rudy?, u true to nothing no more?

And as a reminder…before January 6 and ongoing to this moment… The tied (tide, sorry?) ran red in those persons so enraged that battled up OUR steps that January day… after those called to assemble had gathered and after they all had been listening to and wanting to trust in and then to take action on such wordings, and so off and up and onto and then into the Hill they all stormed as if it were some DD landing day beachhead for ALL OF OUR FREEDOMS—which the lil ole t annoncently claims to be linked directly to his remaining in power after such a grand thief as Joe Biden lied and cheated his way into the office that was supposed to be his for LIFE…

His sentiments, not OURS. WE, the PEOPLE, have strongly voted to disagree. This he could not, would not and still will not allow. So Will We the PEOPLE allow that lil brat to get away with all that? His and his
blinded eyes unkind kind? The vote is yes or no. No door number 3.

And YES, the poor trodden boots on the ground have been all ground to dust, grist for his grinding on and on, and have all been convicted and cellularly detained. Yes, yes…they all made choices…and YET, WE, the PEOPLE, are well aware that concentrated and concerted efforts always require a few incentives to get and then keep things rolling… And in doing so, right before our very eyes and in full view of all of the other global I’s watching… these banned bros in vested (Kevlar vested?) ‘civilians’, clearly galvanized—energized—organized—and, yes, all previously strategized and then… and then… terrorized US into watching—as our real sense of unity, which is one of our primary and genuine national treasures, was being shit upon, quite literally and clearly—which was quite visibly an inciteful response to and from what all he, and those that adhere like glue to that lie, just said.

This is all a lot to absorb. However, it is still ongoing.
So, what is happening is still going on–It does not end here. It ends with 2024.

Back to this piece and this moment we are facing–
which he, lil t, (he who spills tea so regular lee, lay, lie – conjugated correctly, to a
t) with those snarling other wannabe lil ts (t stands for mamories in his world,
Reich?, so all those lil tits?) we know some of them from the courtrooms and
cscams–them those little ‘t’s backing him so cell fishly–
so here we have it

this ex–claims and constanley de-and re dials those denials into mean and
meaner meanings that he exclames–in ALL CAP FLAMEINGS—that although he
did dial into the calls and did speak those words into the microphones, well, do
NOT be lie the facts—he splathers and blathers—
it COULD, could’ve, might’ve, ya never know with me, do ya, really, I like to keep
people guessing, that’s my style, hit, hide, duck and run for covering fools to
fodder with–been taken out of context—
all by the very good best people he hires to have around him—and yet—
so many of them were those who were taking notes
those people surrounding the lying t had to take their own notes to keep their
own heads from spinning tops off everywhichway like his—
they took notes—they knew that his loyalty towards them was non existent—so
they all took notes, they had an unspoken yet collective understanding that they
would need to be needing to have PYA’s notations due to and surrounding his
WE, the people, are concerned…that even presently…well…
OUR HOUSE, the currently majority controlled congressional house of
representatives (Yours?) has committees…Jim Jordan’s…for infants, I mean, for
instance, ….
which segways…sorta(?)…naw, segues for sure from January 6, a thousand
heartbreaks ago, to the present …
AND so, this is where I’ll pick up my written tapped out piece of a sojourn into the
recently past…
A recent past that is being red penned marked up with truths crossed out, as the
truth is being attempted to be written PRE ‘edited’ uniloyalty and orally (while
NOT under oath) Z anally & furiously … quite fanatically re-written into a new
history…a la the hysterical historically ron desanitized version of the human
devolution practices…the barbarity of slavery of any kind by anyone.

This JJ (James J. the crud) and his glum band of dirt digging dervishes, have been
compulsively (OCD much?)(seriously…all that Ben gazziness for years?) holding
the hostages, I mean, their witnesses somewhere so removed…they cannot be
precisely reachable by any known means or memes…frustrating them so…
… so tantalizingly close…scouring with souring faces in all the dirtiest of places for
shreds of the shredded proofs…be CAUSE –confirmation bias states that—surely
such a tape must exist…(after all, we’ve got plenty of our own with ourselves
being recorded…so they must have too, Reich?)
that’s when the dim bulb nearly flickered…(and ordered mcnuggles instead)…
Not all missed that flicker…and, apparently, that’s when some of the others (in
the room where it was all happening so fast…)
(btw…has anyone else seen Hamilton?)
Well, a few of the so-called others breathing this all in…ya know, the trulianni
sorts and howeling types, they-them all got wildly EXCITED and started talking
even Zanier fast and all at once… because they done figured:
“THAT’s I T !!!”
Since all we have is nothing really, barely, hardly shreds of anything, … and that
must then imply that someone…at some point…they were shredding something!!!
Facts didn’t matter to these true deceptives…they knew how to plant the
elements of a crime…throwing shades of doubt through slits and slots of finely
edited footage…
AND with grandiosity they miked–crowed and phoned their shoddy shadinesses
… asking such tough open minded question, such as, AND WHO, (beside jr and
AND WHO??!! Might have motive, opportunity and means to do such concealing
of overseas backdoor dealings:

(they ask innocently out loud from behind the entrusted authority of the office
they sold…I mean, hold?) and they conclude/imply/decry without proof:
…Only liars and hiders and thieves, oh my…
They’ve not been Biden their time…they who in sin u hate

And WE, the people, see who is spinning US into their world of make US
believe…and driving US against one another rather than uniting US for our
common cause, as envisioned for US ALL:
Liberty, Equality and Justice for All.
All freedom comes with the responsibility to protect and defend those people we
love and those values we live by … against any and all who would oppress a single
one of US.
Again, speaking only for my self. Count me ALL in.

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