When a person who loves cherries

has the freedom of choosing the fruit from a bountiful garden,

         did you really expect them to bake an apple pie?

The truth is: all pies are delicious. We like or prefer some pies to others. This is a matter of personal preference only and not of worth. All pies are equally pies. 

We all bake the best we can (know how to) with what we think we have to work with and we share
. . . not to compare . . . but to expand and explore our tastes.

All else is arrogance

               draped in vanity, 

itself covered by pretense . . .

                 How or what do you feel yourself about pies?

. . . are we all created equal?

. . . pretty much a yes/no/ . . . maybe/ . . .

Or maybe we can simply choose . . .


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