It’s true. Some of us do not believe in US at all… in truth…

Some only speak with words in thumbled JUMBLS, phrases tossed like “Let us, please”… (Only I can save you from xyzs)… spoken as if they were chunks of cobbled salad sound bytes…

well, these do not form coherent thoughts… no matter the decibel they’re amplified… and metaXed vitually by the craven empty AI-gored emotions and the chambers of the hardened hearts of autocrats, dictators, and delusionals…

Even some of the elected ones, sworn to protect and defend, now daily defame and denigrate Americans instead, and use their magaphones and magalites (devotees)(acolytes) to spray their junk and BS on our constitutionally granted freedoms or institutions and our very fabric of unity… which all freedom lovers, past and present, have fought and are fighting still against tyranny by…

you guessed it: WE THE PEOPLE.

So, yes, it is true. Some of us do not respect some others of us at present.

Some of us respect the truth and actively seek to earnestly pursue it to the best that we can and some of others don’t respect that. At all.

No one is perfect, nor pretending to be nor even wanting to be. It’s unrealistic and maddening to believe that we could. Wanting to do a little better, one situation and choice at a time, however, is not seeking perfection. It is being honest, truthful, gently, firm, clearly kind, yet, resolved. Darkness cannot be light. Love cannot be reached through doubts and fear. We do not grow without change. That is the truth. Nothing in life goes backward to a reset in time. What a computer geek fantasy…seriously…

Have you ever tried a personal relationship fresh start? Not possible unless both sides firmly commit to honesty and wellness and trust.

And for those who don’t (read: won’t) believe in science (climate, education, and the other humanities) unless and until they twist it into testifying to their personal agendas…

well, the truth that is evidenced is that intentional and deliberate falsehoods from our elected public officials is a clear and present threat to our Democracy here and around the world. Freedom is calling.

Freedom lovers are answering.

Some, dem dat thumb their fingers and noses at others having the same EQUAL freedoms, are feeling rather singled out and victimized by all of this craving for the truth…They STRONly (rhymes with WRONGly) have a feeling that it is I (the WE of the rest of the US) that now is blaming them for the all of everything that’s gone to swamp… using such playground cliche classics, such as the ever so EZ: “Yeah, butt…” And, the timeless, “You did it too way back when sometime…” (It’s like anyone’s ex saying: I’m pretty sure you said the same thing to me once so, there, now, you’re just like me then).

However, it’s not just me that’s been watching with keen interest, ya bunch of whinging whiners… (oooh, names being called?…no, descriptions being given. If they are not accurate, please, tell us the truth and this will clear everything up.) That’s the truth.

And, again, I remind US. It’s not simply me. It’s


the decent, honest, well-intended real people really leaning in and trying to do better for ALL of US together. There are freedom lovers and freedom seekers and honest trustworthy people in this world doing their level best.

Wherever people yearn to be free, we hear you and stand by you.

We stand with each other and with you, wherever you are.

Those of us who join in and seek the common good for ALL peoples of honest, decent intentions,

we will not go silently into your darkness ever again.

The brave face their fears and walk through them anyways.

Any volunteers?

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    Disclaimer: Poetic license is at work both here and in my books. Any errors or anomalies are through no fault of my editor. These were left deliberately at my expressed intention to clearly indicate that goodness does not require perfection.

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