The section or portion of the Hippocratic Oath still popularly and regularly phrased as:

                                  “Above all else, do no harm.”

is one third of the elements of the whole oath. 

And, still, Mr. Hip (named shortened proportionately) and those plain six words captured a spiritual truth for humanity,

which many have held as sacred, and we owe them our thanks.

(with more than mere words and money – you choose specifically when and how)

Many have entered the medical field in their culture

     following that truth

Many have remained in that field or profession

     following that truth

And many have left the profession (internally counts)

     following that truth

                                                     And that’s the truth

Here’s another:  we all are trying to do no harm . . .

as some of us elbow our way into getting what we think we want

Shoe sizes?   Anything fit?     Anyone?

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