I’m really not sorry to have to tell you this . . . but:         Top-down change doesn’t work.  Oh, granted, […]
If you’ve ever gone to a doctor (all of whom are practicing medicine, . . . like I practice tennis, […]
If you do not have any sense of spirit Fear not.  You don’t have any sense of the specific, in […]
disclaimer: the friend referenced in this post has been the one insisting I post it. Go figure. Here goes:      I […]
Trying hard enough to falter is far different than trying hard not to falter. We’re supposed to make mistakes. That […]
the New World                    built around the old ideas becomes the Old World rapidly enough We act surprised . . . […]
As suggested by the title, this is not a trick question. Not that I’m above being playful. However, simply being […]
Rarely have I had to apologize for being kind  as I was also being clear and honest. I have, however, […]
Let’s be honest some more, OK? Life was so much more interesting and fun when we were younger, before we […]
Do you want to be right? Because I’m here to tell you that you can be.  You can be completely […]