There are truths that exist outside of time. Hence, we refer to them as timeless. We, however, exist – live […]
Here’s a simple, safe example. How do I know it’s simple?  Even I can understand it. How do I know […]
Words! They just don’t mean the same things anymore. Even the words good and goodness have trains of baggage, gathering […]
If you (or I) have walked this path 1,000 times, so often in fact,  that we now feel or think […]
I was recently given/took/had a lie detector test, the answer(s) are going to be on this page in a moment, […]
It’s dawning on us all that our very consciousness,  singularly and, mysteriously, collectively… all of those very things that we […]
With grit and grind We still are falling behind                                                          Are we really all just flailing and failing? Or are we […]
This posting is an ‘if the shoe fits, go ahead and put it on’ acknowledgment. It is not intended for […]
Simple, right? Let into your lungs what your mind doesn’t even know it needs . . . . . . […]
Being ever curious is not the same feeling as being restless.  One is open-ended expectancy, an ease with the possibility […]