you sign your name upon my heart                and instantly i rise as you let me see you      eye to eye                               i to […]
Walk, don’t run, to a stream nearest you   and sit        and, if you don’t mind trying to be quiet,                 try doing so you need not […]
Love Loves Loving                                                  So . . . what do you love? not who                                         what do you love . . .                  About Life? […]
We’re like an eighty-piece ensemble orchestra warming up our practiced skills and instruments and waiting for the conductor there are lots of random sounds coming […]
What if the present world’s external circumstances were an answer to our seeking the truth and not a punishment? What if the current state of […]
Here’s a mantra for each and every spirit that is human. It speaks the truth. It’s suggested you may speak it into the universe from […]
like a radar sweeping                                                 I ping you with love and wait to see what bounces back      I can instantly sense how much warmth […]
when my not knowing is complete . . . and ongoing still . . . . . . when I can be at peace without […]
To: all of us From: Each of us             This is not a meme or a memo. It’s a gift tag. The gift itself is […]
I’ve tacked my way in life, changing directions many times,                           as have you,          but our course has been the same.                                      whether guided […]