As we continue to delve more fully and develop more openly into our own experienced, yet, mostly unexamined energies of […]
In uncounted millions of novel and imminently practical ways, the human spirit is rising to the occasion of these current […]
It is apparent, to more and more of us, that the spirit of us is not contained by the body, […]
In the light from and of my own awarenesses… …and as I continuously and unconsciously scan the multi-dimensional energies that […]
Many of us have absorbed the belief, especially after Darwin (of all people, no offense, kind sir)…anyway, the belief that […]
I would like to suggest that we consider that no one facet of our humanity ever dominates our other facets […]
I’ve been sent my share of links to videos showing elaborate arrangements of small tiles (dominos, many times) and other […]
On what basis have we humans decided that our range of sensations is the basis of reality? We have been […]
when my not knowing is complete . . . and ongoing still . . . . . . when I […]
We all are stepping into newness every moment in every situation. We are doing this individually together and together individually. […]