And, yes, of course, it would be appropriately paradoxical to recognize that,                 […]
I’m at the optician’s. I’m in the chair with that oversized focustinator—focusinoir—eye-ball vision separator and confusor (I’d use the device’s […]
As we continue to delve more fully and develop more openly into our own experienced, yet, mostly unexamined energies of […]
I witness as I participate and in that tango of a swirl I am here and there but faster, sososomuchveryfaster—so […]
It is apparent, to more and more of us, that the spirit of us is not contained by the body, […]
when and as I care for you           as much as I care for the truths between us and within us, […]
As is frequently the case, I’ve been misinterpreting or misunderstanding a popular American saying, widely believed to be historically borne […]
 As to the one, so, too the other.  That ‘feels’ about level, right? If that sentence or thought was a […]
It’s dawning on us all that our very consciousness,  singularly and, mysteriously, collectively… all of those very things that we […]
Our analysts don’t need to practice forgiveness as we lay ourselves bare (or not) in their offices…or stare at one […]