There is no denying that there is much power in Belief. Is the power it taps indiscriminate? No. But it […]
Reminder to the Warrior: There is no joy in destruction. There is no solace or comfort in revenge. There is […]
The path to all my growth is into the canyons carved by my repeatedly going over the same ground. It […]
I know how busy you are, so I’ll get to the point and say this flat out:                   Being human is […]
     When a practiced pianist places their fingers on the keyboard with the intention to express/create/compose, they are aware that any […]
when I felt empty,      I thought it was my fault or that I had no worth.          and since I couldn’t […]
I caught myself     I was bared to the bone metaphorically (it didn’t hurt) The whole moment I was in     opened […]
The exact same zest that you experience in cheating death, in living on the edge, on pushing the boundaries of […]
What if the present world’s external circumstances were an answer to our seeking the truth and not a punishment? What […]
Here’s a mantra for each and every spirit that is human. It speaks the truth. It’s suggested you may speak […]