If you’ve read any postings of mine before this one, you will have realized what I simpleton I can be. […]
The path to all my growth is into the canyons carved by my repeatedly going over the same ground. It […]
It is apparent, to more and more of us, that the spirit of us is not contained by the body, […]
Many of us have absorbed the belief, especially after Darwin (of all people, no offense, kind sir)…anyway, the belief that […]
 As to the one, so, too the other.  That ‘feels’ about level, right? If that sentence or thought was a […]
I want to draw your attention to my truth.                        I am not now, nor have I ever been, brilliant. It’s […]
Let’s do old school…                                                                                                         2/11/2022      Dearest You,      I suspect that our educational system is so outdated, cumbersome, and socially damaging […]
Isaac Newton didn’t “discover” gravity. Apples fell long before the one that bounced off his head (myth, I realize, but […]
     I present you with the clear experiential evidence of the power in choice by rephrasing a timeless truth:                                           […]