I have discovered, much to my cosmic delight, that being fall-ible… you know, making mistakes, not being perfect ever, AKA, […]
Clue number 2 If a person cannot conduct themselves decently towards other human beings, they cannot make any honest claim […]
The genderlessness of love is the genuineness of love. The colorfulness of love is the colorfulness of humanity. The authentic […]
There are questions that are more revealing of ourselves to ourselves in our instantaneous reaction(s) than in our considered response(s). […]
And, yes, of course, it would be appropriately paradoxical to recognize that,                 […]
Obviously, I’m not a fan of shortcuts. They’re usually the quickest way to somewhere I didn’t know I was going.  […]
In front of a morning’s first mirror I stand and pretend                 for only a few moments, mind you, I pretend […]
There are few who cry foul against their freedom more stridently or continually or shamelessly than the greedy who have […]
Here’s another funny little something:        Ever notice how we tell ourselves that we can’t understand            how friggin hard it is […]
OMG!! Please be willing to consider that life isn’t some sort of elaborate game of musical chairs, wherein we all […]