We’re not weak, flawed, or inadequate by design. We’ve been choosing to treat our human experience as if we were. We’ve […]
Crude energies armed with sophisticated toys – ungodly impulses on full display in real time. This is not an HBO, Netflix, […]
Moments of inspiration are difficult to recapture. The precise pathways and momentary clarity that occurs when the energies align themselves […]
The feeling of compassionate kindness… an alternate, equally valid, although linguistically longer (read; harder to explain or understand –  flip sides […]
Here, consider your personal development, your growth in any or all realms, not as making improvements on your design but […]
When I’ve turned to face what I had convinced myself was chasing after me,the darkness that always seemed connected to […]
If my intention is to expand, to grow, to explore,there are aspects of my humanity that also intends toattempt to […]
There’s no surprise that as and when we seek to be true to ourselves, not our imagined self “image” (image-in that? […]
As my humanity is an element of my spirit rather than my spirit beinga part of my mental construct of […]
I’ve candidly admitted that language (currently) is an inadequate medium for conveying any real sense of fluidity of a life… […]