The remains the body belonged to… We are all simply visitors. We are all passing through from arrivalto departure. We […]
OMG!! Please be willing to consider that life isn’t some sort of elaborate game of musical chairs, wherein we all […]
There’s a difference between: — Wanting to learn and to honestly continue to try to do a little better, in […]
as I go though life stealing away moments of goodness and joy… tucking them safely…somewhere away… so that nobody can […]
Life and death are in a spin, a cycle,        …the cycle is clear…                […]
there’s not a wasted moment          not a single tile in the vast mosaic of my experiences  is out of place […]
Cells replicate Life replicates Neither duplicates That would not be life That would be boring (even I am aware of […]
we didn’t mean to be going through life this fast each of us,                because we all felt so lost from […]
Scientists and writers have examined life from different angles and in the finest of details and each has concluded the […]
“Jesus!!” I mean, sorry “but for christ’s sake!? We, you and me, wanted a fulfilling human experience and, instead,we’ve chosen to […]