In modern lives, a lot of us have a rapid wrap-it-up results mentality,bottom line it for me,“cut to the chase” […]
How is the source of Love to come reigning fire when it’s so clear to so many that the fires […]
Here, consider your personal development, your growth in any or all realms, not as making improvements on your design but […]
My humanity is in all 3 states of matter: solid-liquid-gas, interchangeably and continually… organic & inorganic materials have no meaning […]
Wouldn’t it be heaven (of sorts) if good enough was both good  and enough that it would be enough to be […]
When I’ve turned to face what I had convinced myself was chasing after me,the darkness that always seemed connected to […]
I have sometimes pictured, for you dear reader,the image of these words, these postings, this modest effort… as a spreading […]
As my humanity is an element of my spirit rather than my spirit beinga part of my mental construct of […]
We refer to the truth about a moment, a situation, or whatever, as illuminating… the cliche is that the truth […]
If love is the beginning and the end If love is forever timeless energy shared experienced, shaped by a touch, […]