Here’s a true clue as to when we experience a genuine moment of connection with something other than ourselves during […]
Obviously, I’m not a fan of shortcuts. They’re usually the quickest way to somewhere I didn’t know I was going.  […]
Let’s imagine, and I realize that this will be a stretch for both of us to allow for this, yet, […]
The owls and I have been within earshot many a morning, well before the dawn’s dawning. Patiently, it was made […]
Long before the actual light of dawn      there is a dimmer switch that the rotation of the orbs involved introduce […]
At the earliest possible, conveniently located along my planned route through the errands I have listed, coffee shop (Shoppe?…or palace? […]
                                                                       I am a tryer                                  […]
Imagine, if and as you want,  that I was born without the physical ability to see red… …the color, that […]
Dreamer types dream of life and dreamily float the idea to the rest of us that life itself is but […]
enlightenment is simple.                                                               it’s the ending of                                                  the yes – no                                                                        It’s the choice to remain                                                                                            in the yes                                   so […]