In front of a morning’s first mirror I stand and pretend                 for only a few moments, mind you, I pretend […]
The aspect or facet of my current life’s experiences      that still wishes and wants to explain the inexplicable is also […]
With grit and grind We still are falling behind                                                          Are we really all just flailing and failing? Or are we […]
The words are my notes                as I attempt to play the music of my soul  straight into yours                                                                    I use […]
one must be willing to be held                                                     if one also wants to hold                      this is the oneness of a true […]
I have been                      honestly mistaken enthusiastically misled                                                dramatically incorrect heartbreakingly disappointing                 a burst of delight                                                             clueless in the extreme and […]
A doddering old fool sits in the waft of his own wind (he hopes only) while his heart sings halleluiah […]
Dash Board Camera “communicates” to nearby helmet GoPro Cam:          “From my point of view, this all came out of nowhere.” […]
I have felt uncertainty And it was lively not to know . . . to have some “skin in the […]
          I had a limp                   and you showed me how I could       use it in my own dance                 I was mute […]